Violent Devotion at Hamilton Street Gallery

I was happy to partner with Hamilton Street Gallery in Bound Brook, NJ to curate Violent Devotion, Spring 2021.

 From religious fanaticism, to celebrity and hero worship, to personal relationships, what will some do to prove their faith and belief system to an individual or a cause?  What drives one’s devotion to the point of violence?  Is it love? A need for power?  Fear? Anger? Hatred? Manipulation? Violent Devotion seeks to uncover what drives one to extreme acts to prove their love or devotion to a person or a cause?  Who has influenced acts of extremism?  What institutions have nourished and cultivated these excessive belief systems, and why? How many acts of violence have been committed in the name of love or hate?

Participating Artists:

Luis Alves Collage, Laurie Pettine, Anastasiya Baron, Larry McCandlish, Wayne Lucina, Ellen Avigliano, Morgan Thomas Shankweiler, Kathleen Hurley Liao, Renee Simon, Susan Eldridge Ward, Nanette Reynolds Beachner, Mechele Shoneman, Edward Jean Baptiste, Stacey AS Pritchard, Dina Robinson, Aileen Bassis, Derek Thomson, Virginia Carroll, Robert Kosinski, Kristen T. Woodward, Renzo Florez, Bill Ross, Katie Hovencamp, John Marron