Monmouth Museum’s 42nd Annual Juried Exhibition

I was very honored to work with the Monmouth Museum, November 2020, on their 42nd Annual Juried Exhibition . In addition to the exhibition being available to view on location they created an online exhibition to view from home as well!

Participating Artists: Eve’s Artistry, Miriam Bisceglia, Chee Bravo, Bonnie Carlson Diana, Pam Cooper, Paul Chepolis, Kate Eggleston, Sweeney Gahrmann, Bennett Gerwitz, MaryAnn Goodwin, Cheryl Gross, Sanjay Gupta, Neal Hammer, E. Sherman Hayman, June He, Patricia Hutchinson, Eleanor James, Patti Kaufman, Hobong Kim, Louise Krasniewicz, Abby Levine, Liza Lynch, Karen Martin, Dorothy Matteo, Mary Mazziotti, Beverly McCutcheon, Francis Owens, Susu Pianchupattana, Adam Pitt, Stacey AS Pritchard, Janis Purcell, Richard Rappleyea, Bill Ross, Danielle Scott, Sharon Seveeh, Mechele Shoneman, Stuart South, Jay Sullivan, Colleen Sweeney, Acquaetta Williams