Nasty Women


Nasty Women:  A Group Exhibition

Location:  ABD Gallery

Exhibition Dates:  January 6th, 2017-January 31st, 2017

Press Release:

Nasty Women features a diverse group of contemporary female artists, from across the country to give voice to women and to create discourse for both today, and for what is to follow in our new political climate.

Nasty Women is a response to this divisive time in media, politics, and history.   The sexist overtone that has loomed over our country this past year throughout our presidential campaign has called many women to action through various forms of outrage and dissent.  Nasty Women is a culmination of our collective fears, anger, frustration, determination, and strength to both process our new political climate, as well as to face it head on.  Nasty Women examines our “new normal” and how that relates to our identity and culture.