Beware the Beasts Below

Location:  Atlantic Highlands Arts Council

54 1st Avenue

Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

July 2017

Beware the Beasts Below was a whimsical exhibition, highlighting sea creatures, both mythical and actual. The deep sea holds a mystery, darkness, danger, and beauty to it. The work selected for this show embodies those elements, while showcasing ancient sea mythologies and real-life discoveries. From mermaids and sea serpents, to jellyfish, cephalapods, and sharks–Beware the Beasts Below.

The Artists’ Reception featured live body painting by local area artists Timothy Lucas!

Participating Artists:
Kate Griffin, Darryl Haley, Lynda Rose, Samantha Stafford, Kate Eggleston, Derek Thomson, Gwen Charles, Kristen Eve Woolley, Christine Sullivan, Grace Modla, Sheilagh Casey, Nicholas Enna, Callie Danae Hirsch, Celia Connaire, Abby Levine, Travis Radcliffe, Jodi Walker, Julia Real, Stacy Smith-Velez, Shannon Silver, Bernardo Corman, Ellen Avigliano, Renee Zengel, Stacey Pritchard